Because all experiences are valuable.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Burden at All

Into this sea I cast a note
much as a bell rings with no sentience of the listener.
I can see a crowd of fishes and loaves
but I cannot hear the whispers of heaven.
I am escaping pieces of vestigial skin I do not use
Layers dwindle to flakes and off into the tide, and pieces
become specks.
God hears me all the time
In response I try to watch what I say,
as best I can.
I could say I am only human...
as if that is any limitation of any sort,
when indeed it is the greatest power
ever given
ever granted to any creature
to have a mind infinite enough to perceive
that God exists.

He has his eye upon the smallest sparrow,
and indeed He must, for the sparrow knows Him not, after all.
But I do...I know the sparrow, and the shark
the rose and the latin names of the trees surrounding the world
with oxygen. I know the chemicals, too, and I 
know them in the body and how they balance delicately 
more subtle and influential than you would care to realize.

Knowing becomes the essence of humanity
because we know that we know,
and much like the bell that cannot be unrung,
self awareness becomes the purest humanity of all.
For that reason, I do as I do in this life...
and thanking God is no burden. No burden at all.