Because all experiences are valuable.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Just looking for a home, I suppose,
takes up more time in life than we realize.
Are we driven to shelter in crevices that barely
keep out the wind, because we cannot survive
any other way?
Homelessness, I have learned,
does more damage to the psyche than being hungry
or being underclothed,
as we are taught that food, clothing, and shelter are our basic needs.
I am not sure shelter is enough.
But it is something.
If one never had a home, nothing safe-
does that man spend more of a life looking than does
the man who has known home.
I want to know if the Greeks spoke on this.
I want to see if great philosophers weighed in, and ponder what they
had to say.
I want to spend a rainy afternoon gathering in their great wisdom,
so that I may understand myself better,
so that I may love others more.

when I am sure that I am home.