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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here's the thing...

So, yeah. That is something I say a lot...here's the thing. Likely indicating that I am about to get to the point, then pulling a bait-and-switch and going off on some tangent again. However, if you can stay with me, I will always come back full circle to the beginning/here's the thing.

Today, June 22 (yeah, so it's after midnight. If I'm still awake, it is the same day for me)the Thing is this: Change is Not Difficult. Yes, I said it. I flew in the face of common wisdom. I challenged you openly to "www"- wake up, wise up, and walk on.

The second you decide to change something, it already has. Let's see...a simple example. A microwave oven heats and thus cooks food using "waves", right? What kind of waves...ever wonder? They are radio waves! These waves are at a frequency that affects water, fats, and sugars especially. We've all seen the power of a microwave on a defenseless, unsuspecting bag of popcorn.

So, what is it that our brain emits? Electrical brain waves. Am I saying you can prepare popcorn with your mind as the only cooking element? No. But I am asking you to just consider for one moment your brain.

Nothing you can do (while alive)can stop the emission/transmission of your brainwaves. You cannot stop them; they are there; they are you! Literally, what else do you think that you are? (I certainly do not dismiss the soul, I'm speaking of your organic self.)

Who is in control of you? If you aren't operating your microwave, yourself, then you are just the popcorn...lying dormant in the bag...waiting for, what?

No one else can control your brainwaves. Believe me, if they could, they would...and "they" certainly try. When you say, "I changed my mind," when did this change occur?
Your thought process leading to the change may be complex, or simple. But the change is instantaneous. Think of a lowly cupcake. Pick a flavor...I pick spice. Now think, no, I want chocolate. The picture in your mind changed instantly, didn't it? You didn't have to tell your brain to visualize something different. You didn't have to browse and upload.

Change occurs the very instant you decide to change.

And that's the thing...

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