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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leave Out All the Rest

I had a terrific day in anatomy lab today. I've said it before and I'll likely say it again...I am so grateful that we have a cadaver to study. I literally had my hands deep inside this nice gentleman to feel the spleen. It didn't feel at all like I expected, and I was so surprised to see that the preserved stomach looked nothing like I thought it would; I'm not sure I could have identified it by myself.

Back in anatomy lab, while other groups worked in the cadaver lab, another group of girls asked me a couple of quick questions, which turned into about 30 minutes of my helping them and answering questions on what we were learning. They were so gracious with their compliments on my "tutoring."  Dr. Roberson encourages us to teach each other. It is extraordinary how much better you retain the material when you explain it to someone else. It has been a long time since I was a teacher in Arizona...and I never took all those education classes that would be required for me to teach again. I'm sure there is some important stuff to learn in those classes, but I learned from the best teachers I ever knew, yeah, you know who. My mom and dad. Skill at teaching is really a gift. And I love to regift that.

I was asking Dr. Roberson about my vocal cords... wondering if there was something unusual about those of us who sing with great range.
Probably now I have about a three and a half octave range. It used to be four. I am really out of vocal shape.
But honestly, those lowest lows and highest highs aren't really necessary for me. It was just a vanity. I read my darling "daughter" Ali's blog and she was talking about missing her hair she cut off, saying it was vanity, but she didn't feel the same. I feel that way somewhat, having moved away and cut myself off from my dear Ali, Christin and Lura.... but everything changes.
Twilight opening night, ladies? I bet that guy is still available...the one with the drugs and the rowboat...LOL!

This is for you! I love all my girls so much....Sherry, Mary, April, Julie, Kristin, Abby, Laura, Stephanie, Ashley, Brittany, Mary Eileen, Celeste, Darneisha, and of course Di, Christin, Ali and Lura. You make the world worth being in.


  1. Love you too! Bunches! So glad you are enjoying school.

  2. There isn't a word I can think of that could apply to the joy I felt and being refered to as your 'daughter'. I love you Tara and I miss you with your great distance. But I know you aren't far at all in my heart and mind. I feel more confident about my hair. I still feel like it make me look younger unless I fix it. But most people fix their hair. I was just comfortable in the lazy effort.
    Oh! That scary drug guy. Eww and the Rat House? Rat Hotel? I can't remember the name but Reid and I took pictures of it behind the theatre!
    And A lovely choice of music. Linkin Park has been with me for the longest time.
    And ironically we both posted around the same time.
    Love you dearest. ♥

  3. awwwww, i love you, tara!!! i am so delighted to have met you! you are a wonderful person and smart too! ;) i always find joy when i am in your company! XOXOX <3