Because all experiences are valuable.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Journey

Our planet died in dusky matte,
I knew an hour approached of flight,
We had to leave, or barring that,
We faced short lives in endless night.

In all the years since we arrived,
I think that man forgot we came,
Though we are few, we few survived,
And much like you, we seem the same...

You plan your trips, your ships and stars,
So ardent are your dreams and thoughts,
Lovely really, but not ours,
You lost our lessons, you forgot...

We left our bodies on the lie,
We did not need them for the trip,
In just a breath, the soul can fly,
We never needed rocket ships.

We never needed fuel, or air,
Our minds were ready, then we thought,
A blinking eye from here to there,
Exactly as we came and taught.

I love your pretty blues and greens...
I love these oceans, moon and sun.
I remember, and honor, your human dreams,
Even if I am the only one.