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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Putting a Toe Back In...

Thank you, Dear Wrinkled Man,
for encouraging me to get back to blogging. You may be the only person who seemed to notice that I stopped, hahahha. I wanted to stick my toe back in the door...
there is a particular blog I've been meaning to post with instructions on how I made my Evil Green Jeannie costume last Fall, because there was a real dearth of help online when I searched for it.

But in an effort to get back into it, I found this poem in a notebook as I was searching for an empty notebook for Reid to use. It made me smile wryly because we have had no snow this winter at all. I wish we would have just a little. A few snowy days?? Just for fun? It's so lovely...

this poem wasn't written for anyone. Actually, I think I was rather lonely when I wrote it. I remember sitting
and studying, and looking out the window waiting for the snow...which did arrive...in spades!

If It Snows Tonight

they say precipitation comes in sheets-
I'm pressed to think
of a more intimate expression.

the things I think
on days when the sky
is like a quilt-topped mattress,
and fevered daydreams
force me to lie down
holding my head,
my fingers itching.

they say the wind can blow
so cold that
it takes your breath away.

If it snows tonight,
as they say it surely will,
there is no need for you to be cold.
I have sheets like snow.
I have breath enough.
Come to mine.    

Hope you are all well and not cold at all.
Sorry for my absence and I'll be back soon...
Tara Sylace



  1. Yay! Tara is blogging again! I missed reading your updates! And I love the poem. I miss snow! It is too weirdly warm here!

  2. I also love the poem, sheets and breath enough...I'm coming over. Not really, but that's how it makes me feel.