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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Taxing

I'm fairly pathetic.
Yesterday's little foray into wonderland and the world of what might be should I smoke the magic hookah, or drink the tiny bottle of elixir with the tag on it...
Yeah, whatever.
If I were a man I think I might say I have no...yeah those.

I say...oooh, I could be bad. Then I spend the next day...
having an awesome conversation with my former financial adviser and friend,
having dinner and great elucidative conversation with my son, Reid,
spending hours doing taxes,
balancing three checkbooks,
dealing with Reid's social security,
then studying and making drug cards....on a Friday night.

What a rebel. Look at her go, folks!
I remember when I moved back to Georgia...I said...I'm going to start a new life as a Dominatrix.
I think I've mentioned this before.
My friends died laughing.

I'm already thinking about my DragonCon costumes for next year...
one is  Kermit the Frog.
Hope I pull that off! I found a kelly green dress for five dollars yesterday to work with and cut up.
Do they make Kermit green fishnet hose?  I think they make everything...
I really need to get out more.
There's a Salsa Dancing Mardi Gras party tomorrow night.

There is nothing like doing taxes to make you feel ANYTHING but "bad girl."
I'm feeling both pathetic and whiney. Lucky you.

with Brian the dog...ette!

Here's my take on Little Red Riding Hood from last year's DragonCon. Possibly "sweet" is just inescapable for me. Can't wait to hear what Ali has to say...she is saddled with the sweet curse, too. Maybe if I dye my hair black?? SIGH....


  1. I think the word cute is one of the worst of them all. It can be applied to almost everything and have varying degrees and meanings. Useless word.
    And yes the cute curse! Nothing I do can escape it! Even when I went out dancing as the new Harley Quinn one girl had the balls to tell me I was a 'cute Harley'. Vinyl leggings/pants and corsets aren't cute!
    I have thought about dying my hair brown so often. People's first impressions of me are always the adorable little blonde girl. I will add another sigh.

  2. It's all in the eyes, all in the way you use your eyes. Eyes say yes and eyes say no. Of course the cute little girl tilt of the head isn't exactly helping your cause. But don't misunderstand me, cute isn't ugly and nice isn't anything to regret. If you really want to be bad, let me know. `(;~)

  3. There are days when I would prefer being called "cute" to the usual "evil." Or "scary." Wanna trade for a little while?