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Monday, June 4, 2012

Poppies to Prayers

Today I bought myself some flowers, because...well...yeah.

Cost?  $6.98   value- a lot more than that.

This Waterford vase is nearing 5 years old. It came with an arrangement from my Mother's funeral, so 
it brings me a warm feeling every time I use it. 

Maybe people would be happier if they gave up the extra 12 pack of soda in their cart and bought themselves some flowers instead...just a thought.

Fraction of Poppies

Once I was sure where the decimal point should be placed,
casually jotted among the roses, or to make a bold point in the delphinium,
but in any instance, the dividing mark between dollars and cents,
fractions and wholes,
was vividly and persuasively expressed; the register counted clean at the end of the shift,
and everything was accounted for.

Now I find I lose a dollar here and there,
pennies rolling this way and that, falling into cracked peppercorn plants,
to blossom copper-colored in the fall with the Autumn Joy sedum, 
and I am not sure if I am half-way there or if indeed I have lost a quarter,
My stride across the pasture lengthens with the sunset, for 
I must cross this field before the ratio of poppies to prayers
outstrips me.

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