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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Star is Born

There are no words for how I love etymology.
Isn't that ironic? The very definition.
Play on words doesn't even begin to paint
the joy of a medium with no boundaries,
and no drying time- only the constraints of 26 letters,
which is none at all really, just switch to another language,
other sounds, an entire galaxy of words, more words than stars
for look at what it takes to create a star, but I can create a word
instantaneously and effortless to boot.
I wonder if you wanted that to say effortlessly...if your desire for symmetry
drove you somewhere a tiny bit off,
for once I do not have to care; this is mine.
Packed up in and amongst a catalogue of whys
and roots and prefixes 
connotations, allusions, questions always of where 
did that word come from,
whose mind, whose need- whose need to express something 
never before expressed, to someone listening
and in that moment
a star is born.

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