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Monday, October 7, 2013

Wire Wings and Punk Fairy Costume

Had to leave class early today because I have a tooth abscess. Not a happy camper, but my dentist was super nice and helpful. We have to get the infection out, then we will try to have the lil toothy hang in a few more weeks before he has to be replaced with Mr. Artificial Tooth! I need a super hero tooth graphic here!
OMG I love the internet. Four seconds and I have a (um stolen kinda) super hero tooth graphic!!

If the picture is credited across the front, is that stealing a graphic? It's credited and you can't use it to sell anything. I am totally not sure on this one. Anyway!  To the costuming portion of the blog, as I feel too horrid to study.

I wasn't going to DragonCon this year, but Andrew talked me into it and Guy was willing to go. Neither of us had any time to make new costumes, so Guy was Mario again. People go crazy for his Mario, but he says this was the last year. I have this lovely corset MJL bought me and I always wear the purple side, but I've wanted to throw together a costume that uses the blue and silver side, and I've wanted to attempt to make interesting wire wings for a while now. So..blue and silver wire wings made in just a couple of hours.

Here are some pics then instructions:

These wings are delicate and kept getting squished by people who didn't see them, so Guy had to adjust them a lot, but if you are going to a party or Ren fest or someplace where people are not crammed in like cattle, or making for trick or treat, then they would be fine and are very very light.

I didn't know if I would get the usual great comments about my wings this time, but a lot of people told me they were gorgeous. You can't see how pretty the glass beads I used were. Really sparkly and each dangle charm moves constantly.  I made a necklace and earrings to match.

Yes, that is colored duct tape I used to secure the centers. It worked perfectly and I covered it with felt. I use a system of two hair clips (for styling) layered within felt to secure them to my corset. This way there are no arm straps. I believe this is 14 gauge wire. Heavy enough to be strong, but flex easily. I just took a long length and brought the ends together, and it naturally forms a teardrop. No need to force it at all! Then used
some 16 or 18 gauge wire in colors to secure the loops a bit together where they meet.

I wove the top wings with wire and made dangles of glass beads placed on the longest length jewelry making pin heads. Look for these where jewelry supplies are in the craft store. I hung each dangle at an intersection of the wires and wrapped it around so the wires ended up very secure as they were wired at so many points.
Added a couple of wire accents with extra wire that I just let uncurl from the roll naturally. These took me about three hours total. I think I spent longer choosing the beads! Put a premade crochet flower in the center and threw some extra beads on a wire loop.

I like pigtails personally. I never have a lack of fun in pigtails. Hope this inspires you to see what you can do with wire, especially if you have more than three hours to work on them!


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    1. Thank you so much, Daniel. I haven't posted in several months, but you have inspired me to get back with it. Thanks again! Tara Sylace