Because all experiences are valuable.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


For friends who help remind me of things to be done, and for Eva especially and forever.
It's a full moon, and I have cats. ;-)


Willow sprigs and apricot
a twining forth of
smells like harping

Fog so blessedly thick
makes shoes unnecessary
nothing can be felt
between these worlds that touch

It's only the door
and the sea
and the shadows

Smell or no smell, heart or no heart,
runes that read- cross the ocean
bones that say- gamble not, gamble not.

Time and her sceptre
bask in this age of loss.
Humanity spinning-
Mortal, Immortal- immaterial and
of a piece together.

What would be asked of the oracle
if even a question were prompted-
For in this she stands always at ready,
Bathing in tales of the crises,
with fortune for those who will come.

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