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Thursday, June 18, 2015


I don't know why...but I'm thinking of the amazing Dr. Libby tonight. A wonderful friend, teacher, and health care professional of dedication and devotion to her healing arts. This is for you, Libby!


What lies we tell ourselves,
Crafted for this situation and that occasion.
What bastards we are
denying truths,
obliterating beliefs of those before us
as if we were the only ones
who ever lived here.

This place is not ours,
We cannot hold it-
only grow it-
or be buried underneath,
a whole world
outside ourselves, that does not know
nor care
that we exist.

I dream of millions,
laughing, happy, enjoying the
company of love.
At peace with what they have.
In harmony with where they are.

A place where it is okay to be silent,
it is okay to know
that there is joy in everything-
even death.
And that the beauty of ruin and re-birth
are one and the same.

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