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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Behind the Sacred Heart Lies the Door

Oh my, I have been absent a long time. I must say that my cell phone troubles have been vexing me. Two weeks ago I lost my phone. I believe I threw it in a dumpster while getting rid of some trash that was in my car. I had the phone in my hand most likely. Although Frank was around, and climbed in the dumpster to look for it, it was not to be found. (It was on silent). So a few phoneless days over a weekend and then the decision to spend the $$$ to upgrade to a smart phone.

It seems to me that the more elaborate these phones get, the more trouble they are. I mean, the features and upgrades are significant and delightful, but it comes at a price. So the first one of these mini wonders I was given (well, in exchange for 200$) was apparently a lemon. I thought maybe it was just me, but after a dreadful week with the thing, thinking hey, there is a learning curve here and Reid would say I am known for my operator error on those sorts of devices (seriously, I tried to scroll the screen on his ipod), I went back to the store. The customer service gentleman said mine was defective, It happens...they are technical things...so they gave me a new one and a new SIM card. Promptly and cheerfully at the At&T store. Now it seems to work like a dream, but I cannot tell you how much time I wasted on annoying mundane chores like putting in phone numbers, only to have to do it again. The SIM transfer only captured about 25% of the data.

I had some pictures I wanted to blog about on the old new phone. I had to text them to someone, who then emailed them to me, as the phone wouldn't do it. So, IDK, the inspiration was then somewhat dead, but I still think the pictures are amazing, and if any pictures speak for themselves and tell a thousand words, it is these...taken while doing some early Christmas shopping just before Thanksgiving...so I will just post them, and let you write your own bizarre story with them. That can be fun, too! You cannot, cannot make this stuff up.  This message is just so wrong...


  1. I saw those and took pictures of them too!!!

  2. Not as glitzy as this, but more fun and practical, I saw a Jesus and Mary salt and pepper shaker at the local kitchen store. Made me laugh. Very useful icons!