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Thursday, November 4, 2010

They Got Their Cool by Osmosis

I know I have neglected you all for a week. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and the fact that it landed on a Sunday...well, there went Sunday! It was lucky that Reid was out of school on Monday and Tuesday following Halloween, because it allowed him to actually enjoy running around like a teenage boy should with friends, sleep in, and still have time to catch up on his chemistry work, as he promised me he would (and did).

Saturday the 30th was the biggest Marching Band competition of the season, and now the season is blissfully over. I adored the show this year, Luna FX, but I just didn't have one more all day Saturday from crack of dawn to two am, competition trip in me. And I was getting behind in my studies as well. Big chem test again tomorrow. The semester is winding down though, only about four weeks left. Naturally, this means everything must speed up as we cram in everything we haven't gotten to yet. Funny, but true.

A hysterical Reid story for you from last night getting pizza. Yesterday was an insanely long day for me. Anatomy lab stretches on forever sometimes, then rushing to get Reid as the library had closed and he had to sit outside in the cold drizzle. He is waterproof, and sitting in the drizzle is nothing compared to the rigors of drumline...but no Mom wants to know their kid is waiting in the rain. So the entire time I was driving to back homeward to get him, I was tutoring a fellow Chemistry student by phone. About 40 mins of explaining what a polar molecule is, why a molecule can have polar bonds but not be polar. Why CH3 is nonpolar, but NH3 is polar, why NH4+ is an ion, etc etc. Now this was stuff from the last test that she just didn't really get, and needs to understand to build on for things like colligative properties such as osmosis. I was happy to help. I love to teach. But it was just again, never a second to spare. Grabbed Reid, still tutoring by phone, went to get pizza. Sent two long texts to friend still explaining about ammonia and ammonium, etc...

Reid was gracious and understanding. He usually likes to have my attention when I pick him up, but he is in chemistry in high school as well. (OH! Guy made a 90 on his latest chem test at Gainesville College, yay Guy!) (Guy also finally posted another blog post, another yay!) Reid entertained himself by sideways watching a really cute girl at a nearby table, who was also with her mom and entertaining herself by checking out Reid.

When it was time to go (after I entered a wad of sales receipts into my checkbook that were flotsam in my purse) he said he was disappointed she had already left.

Reid said, "I was going to write my cell number on a napkin and just drop it on her table." I laughed and said, "Reid, she was with her mom, that's not really appropriate."

With perfect comedic timing of a half a beat but no more he fired back, "She can have it, too."

I love that kid. He rendered me mirthfully comically speechless.

We love to repurpose costume parts. Guy's vest gets used a lot. I repurposed my Mad Hatter vest from DragonCon. Mask is from New Orleans. Vive La purple Joker coats, as a friend said.

I love Guy's flair. I really do.

Reid on the jumbotron screen at the Georgia Dome at the SuperRegional competition

Reid (right) and Connor.  Class AA Champions!

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  1. Good post! You guys really did look awesome. Great line by Reid, and good to hear Guy doing well in school. I need to do some post on some of my big stuff, our stuff too, I guess, like the Fernbank Halloween party. Hell, i need to post ANYTHING! Maybe tonight...or in the morning. Midday? lol

    Don't get on yourself Too much for skipping some blogging. You have one heckuva busy life. Prioritize as you need to...