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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Greek to Me?

I'm sad today that so many of the blogs I follow don't post often, or at all. I was wondering if I should give mine up, but then I went and read some posts, and was disappointed there weren't more, so I will keep soldiering on with mine, even when I am pressed for time.

Everyone said medical terminology was an easy class. Maybe it will be, but I find that it is a lot of terms, suffixes and prefixes being thrown at me rapid fire. The worst thing is terms that are stuck in my head, some years old, that I have been off target on defining. It is so hard to replace old information with new, correct information. I think a lot of us have a general idea what surgical suffixes mean, but general isn't good enough in nursing. There is a big difference between the suffix that means to suture, to repair, and to fix in place. Those are three different terms. As with most languages, one single letter can change the whole meaning. Tracheotomy vs. tracheostomy for example. Arthrodesis vs. arthrodynia. I'm glad I had experience with Greek and Roman Civ (two of my favorite classes in college actually), feeling somewhat comfortable with the language helps. The best is I just know how to pluralize the Greek and Latin root words, probably from that 2 years of G/R Civ. That is one less thing to worry about.

I have my first exam today over three chapters of terms and suffixes. I might as well get to it. But first I think I'll add a couple of pictures from Greece. Boy, Reid sure was young. Reid had some good feedback today from his percussion instructor that really perked him up. We are both still fighting this damn cold. Cephalgia, be gone!!! If you have a blog, please keep writing! I'm still out here following along.


  1. I'm still following yours and waiting patiently for the next post! I try to keep up with mine. I enjoy writing even though not many people actually read mine. I think you are one of the only ones. And I thank you for it.

  2. I am a faithful follower of SSY! Your thoughts are always appreciated. And in fact, I think it's time for another post...you missed your chance over the weekend and so now I imagine we'll be waiting longer than usual.