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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DragonCon : Minnie Me, Weird Al, Master Chief and the Winged Monkeys

Minnie Me and Weird Al
I want to catch up a bit again. I just caught up on Ali's blog, Key To My Wonderland. Fun stuff. I realize how far behind on adding pictures I am, although all my Facebook friends get to see my life in overwhelming detail, I'm sure, so I don't want to turn this into a photo show. But I did say I wanted to add more DragonCon pictures from a month ago. Wow! You know that phenomenon when you can't believe a month has gone by since an event, and yet it also seems like so much has happened that it must have been two months ago? There should be a name for that. If anyone has a suggestion, please add it!

So...DragonCon pics. The largest SciFi/Fantasy convention in the country by far, maybe in the whole world!
I worked this convention back when it was in its fifth and sixth year. It was raucous fun way back then, and I'm thrilled to see how it has not just grown, but exploded. You can't imagine all the different fan tracks, contests, panel discussions and parties. Something for everyone the least bit interested, and a huge parade down Peachtree Street. For the Costume Designer in me, this is The Event!

watching the LOTR costume contest

this guy's kilt was made of metal rings!

Predator VS. Wolverine

Mad Hatter Me and Andrew Green

The best Joker and Harley Quinn I saw, and I counted 22 Harley Quinns

another good one- Joker and his crew

PennyWise the clown from IT

Nice kids huh? One yawning, another licking a knife. Swell.

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  1. I'm so sad that I didn't get to go because of work and school. Urgh! Go again next year and I will certainly be there too!!