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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mad World

Gracious this week has been packed. I had an Anatomy exam, an Anatomy Lab exam, and took the Kaplan Nursing school admission test tuesday night from 5pm to 8pm. Plus working on Statistics, trying to learn Chemistry, Reid had a game Friday night as usual, and today is their first big competition at Kennesaw Mountain High School. I will have to go join them about 4pm to braid girls' hair and keep up with uniform parts like the plumes and gauntlets. The show is called Luna Fx this year and is really really cool. It includes the song Mad World which I just adore.  The original I'm pretty sure was by Tears for Fears. (I'm a big fan) then it was used in Donnie Darko (movie- Jake Gyllenhal, I recommend, but it is weird and creepy, beware), and then used to advertise Gears of War the video game. Maybe it was in the game, too, I'm not sure. But it works beautifully in the show. Very haunting.

I have some pictures of last week's game, and will take more at the competition tonight. Hopefully I can get them on here tomorrow! Hugs to all.

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