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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Early Bird

Instead of writing my blog and posting pictures and such, I got sucked into watching the movie 2012. Entirely my own fault. Well, not that it wasn't entertaining, but what a collection of cliche's (sorry, I don't think Blogger will let me do the French diacritical mark). Oh good Lord the song at the end is the worst thing ever. Who approved that dreck?

 I really hope if 12-21-2012 is supposed to be some disaster that it decides to hold off for another year. I'd really like to graduate nursing school first. I would be a lot more useful that way. Frank and I have talked about this sometimes. I had an interesting, if brief discussion with Alex, Frank's son, about the 2012 scenario, and/or concerns about the Greenland Ice shelf and some Mega volcano that is supposed to blow any time. I'm tired and don't feel like googling it. But I remember living in Washington State like 12 years ago, and learning at that time the Mt. Rainier was overdue to blow its top just like Mt. St. Helens did. Alex is a really sharp guy. Reid said the other day that Alex is smart, talented and funny and that's the kind of person that he likes. I'm just randomly jumping around in this blog, I know.

Call me a crackpot, but I do think it is highly possible that something dreadful is coming. But I don't think we can really do all that much to prepare, other than gain as many useful skills as possible. So while I'm learning all this nursing stuff, sometimes I think in the back of my mind that I'd better do a good job because people might need my help even more in the coming years. Maybe that would be good for everyone to do, just learn something new to them, maybe something that is a useful skill. It sure wouldn't hurt anyone.

I didn't finish my chem lab sheet for tomorrow, so I'll do that and get some sleep so I can catch the worm tomorrow. Ha ha Yeah right.

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  1. john cusacks performance was really uninspiring. i like to think of the event as not a cataclysmic disaster but an awakening. where everybody with any sense just wakes up and says wtf am i doing? and they then procede to change the world with a collective willand intelligence, instead of an oppressive steamrolling force that obliterates all opposition.