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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Day

It seems that strange, potentially life altering events happen every day.  Is that different for others; is that something I attract? Or do I just notice when others do not?

Today is Christmas Eve Day. My packages are wrapped, dinner for tomorrow is planned. Christmas Lasagne.
There are seven pounds of beef and italian sausage in my fridge and four pounds of cheese. Reid and I just aren't big turkey or ham eaters. Besides, he gets a turkey or ham sandwich nearly every day for lunch.

I feel a little like I'm waiting...waiting for several things to happen. Waiting to see if I get my return credit on an item lost in the mail, waiting to see if Jason gets better from his infection- or if tests are needed, waiting to see how scheduling for tomorrow works out with two teenagers and two dads. Should be entertaining. Waiting to see if the hold on my tuition check clears at the bank in time to pay the tuition off my credit card so I don't pay interest on ten thousand dollars. If not, I will have to trundle to the bank on Monday and do some account scrambling. I am not paying interest on that! Waiting for my beloved sister Christin and her husband James to visit next week. Waiting to plan a get-together for my friends to meet her and sort of pre-New Years gathering. (I'm thinking of overnight express Portillo's Italian Beef from Chicago for the party). Waiting for Di and Ike to get back from Antarctica, so I can hear all about the penguins. Waiting to see Black Swan with Abby. Plus the annual Taco Mac gathering on Sunday, and getting together with my sister Leigha (the biological one) on Monday. There are more things, too!

But it is a happy waiting. A pleasant expectancy. I feel rather Jane Austen, writing to you of the things I am anticipating with pleasure. And that is a wonderful thing at Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, everyone. Tomorrow is supposed to bring snow! And I may sit, Elizabeth Bennett style, and write some late Christmas cards with a candle and a cup of tea....

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