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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Lasagne

So, do you spell Lasagne with an "e", or with an "a"? I prefer the e. I also prefer to spell grey with an e.

To me, Grey is romantic and charming. Gray is dull, depressing and lifeless. Funny how one little letter can make that difference. Anyhow, the 15 pounds of lasagne were a success. I use a mix of beef and sweet Italian sausage, and a mix of ricotta and parmesan. But I do not add mozzarella cheese. And of course, I make my own sauce.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and magical. Mine was lovely, with the snow falling all day in wet clumps and sugary sprinkles...

actually only one of three pots of sauce I made and used

the noodles always fall apart at the end, so I use the curly edges on top. It is cute.

Say Cheese! 
Lasagne...with an "e"...hahahaha

My adorable Reid


  1. I spell it ending in "a", but I also like your spelling. As for grey, I also like gray. It does have a slightly different meaning to me, but not for a reason I can pinpoint, maybe an accumulation of associations. Maybe one powerful one. I think of gray as the color of cloth, and grey as a more complex color denoting age and the combination of multiple colors. Gray is flat, definitely a simpler version of the word, the pronunciation and the thing itself echoing each other in being suited to the word without question.

    I also want to add that I would like some of that lasagne...it looks delicious. For a minor variation that will result in firmer but soft-enough noodles, do not cook the lasagna noodles beforehand. Put them in the casserole in their hardened state, straight out of the box. Snap them to fit your pan size. It also saves time and a tiny bit of trouble.

    What are you cooking for New Year?

  2. I use "Grey" for the color and "Gray" for a person's name... I don't know I just pulled that out of the hat. I'm terribly sleepy and still pouting over missing Mary's after Christmas Taco Mac bash. We should do an early spring ceremony to bring in the flowers. I'll try to find a place. :-) Now I'm off to buy some pre-made lasagne Thanks for that♥