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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Lovin' it!!

Ok, now on a happier note, though no less exhausted then two minutes ago when I posted the last one...

Had an indescribably fun trip with MJL last weekend. Short weekend, short trip...long on the good stuff.
MJL is highly tolerant of my idiosyncrasies, such as my strange penchant for McDonald's Happy Meals....and my habit of blogging about bizarre McDs ephemera.

So we were, um, somewhere...literally I have no idea...North Carolina...could be South Carolina by that point, and the McD's truck was pulled in unloading the frozey fries and etc. (I know, I know...there is no such thing as "and etc.") Sometimes it is just poetic license. I look over at MJL and say, hey, I need a picture of me and that McDonald's truck and maybe that cool rolley conveyor thing that the boxes come down.

Seriously, he was like...ok, sure. You have to love that.

So, in usual McDs twilight zone of experience, I climbed up next to the driver and was trying to tell him why I wanted the picture. I said I have a blog, and I end up writing about McDonalds a lot. He said, you have a what?? I said, I have a blog. He said, a what???
(this is funnier somehow without quotation marks). I tried to explain. He didn't get it. He really didn't get it.
He never did get it.

I didn't know there was anyone left under age sixty who didn't know what a blog is, even if he or she never read one. But who cares, right? It was all about the journey... 

I love the way MJL lets me wander far afield of the path, deviating at right angles on a moment's notice like the Pied Piper, and just follows me as I disappear into the evergreens or the bamboo. I can follow the fairy trail as rapt and as blithely as I please, because I guarantee you that nothing is ever going to come at me from behind. I know he is there...and when I stop, he will be right beside me.

You are the best of companions, Michelangelo...in every possible way... on all the journeys, real, imagined, geographic or metaphysical. The very best.   


  1. wow... we are so much alike it isn't even funny ;)

  2. I know!! Makes life so fun! We have to have some adventures this summer.

  3. You are so spontaneous Tara! Love and miss you ♥

  4. He might have gotten it by now, because after meeting you, you can be sure he wants to know what a blog is. If he hasn't found out yet, he's at least remembering you and will surely not stop asking until he does! And then he will stop and visit you from truckstop cafes with wifi. Hi, driver!