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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Running the Gantlet

I am completely unclear as to why every single college semester of my life has wound down to its end, generally following the syllabus well, only then to be finished up in a heinous flurry of activity as if the teacher didn't know all along what was to be taught. Why does some major project need to be completed at the end of every semester, in every class? Why does there need to be one last huge important test, right before finals week??

It makes zero sense to me. It isn't like we are behind in our classes. I would say they are on track, which means the professors actually plan things this way! Hey...here's an idea...let's completely brain fry the students with requirements for double counted grades (200 points, yay!) in the last week. Clearly they all conspire together. They are out somewhere sipping margaritas, and laughing uproariously at us. ( my speech professor gets a pass...we don't have a speech final)  I'm just wondering why things can't be nicely spaced across the semester.

It is like running the gantlet at the end of every term, sans quilted padding, while not only being assaulted with blunt weapons, but asked to explain why an antigenic shift is important in the case of H1N1 Swine flu and its transmission to humans. Yes, I feel strongly about this....sigh. I think it is tradition. It weeds out the weak, I suppose.

And please do not get me started on the difference between a gauntlet and a gantlet. Next time I run through the fingers of a large cuffed glove, I will let you know. I am too too frigging tired to argue with you. Thank you for your kindness....you are most gracious, indeed.  ;-)

Exhaustedly yours, Sylace


  1. lol... i love it! i'm right there with you babe! just finished my big paper for english and it is basically pass this paper or don't pass the class... i just don't get why they do this to us!!

  2. hear hear. But as always, your energy and unwillingness to quit or do less than your best is impressive. Who does it remind me of...hmmm, oh, yeah, Me! LOL...love you, pretty girl!