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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Day

Sometimes getting ready for a storm can be kinda fun and amusing. Well, ok, maybe just a little, but one can try to make it that way. We are supposed to get, now under revised estimates, about three inches of snow, then a half of an inch of ice on top. Reid's school and my school are already canceled tomorrow, they are so certain of the incoming precipitation. Other parts of the country laugh at us, and I understand, having lived in Chicago area and Washington State, but we here in the south always tell them that you have to experience one of our ice storms to really appreciate the treacherous conditions and destruction to trees and powerlines.

Guy lives north of me in the dangerous zone..so does Ms. A- a new follower, who writes a cool blog I am about to check out after I post here. Guy has gas heat, and has other kerosene stoves and such, so he should be fine. I ran around several hours yesterday and several hours today, seeing what I could scare up, as I only have electricity. Got groceries and water. Got little propane bottles and borrowed a propane cookstove. Bought a larger propane shop heater, then borrowed a propane tank from Chris and Linda...went in search of a refill for that- which took a while, because so many were sold out of exchange tanks. Got rather frustrated, oh, mostly I guess because Brenau's Blackboard assignment system isn't working for me and I had two quizzes to take. I wanted to be sure and take them before the power has any chance to go out.

But....system wasn't working. There I was all responsible and pro-active, trying to take my tests and get my darn propane refill...and smoosh, life squishes me with a big foot. Nah, I'm just being silly. Found a refill after all. Now really, this isn't the safest thing as it gives off a lot of carbon monoxide. So...I bought a carbon monoxide detector that reads out PPM, so we can ventilate properly, hopefully. Bought a big cool tripod LED light, extra batteries. Filled the car up with gas. Oh well, I guess I've done what I can to prepare. Checked on Jason, and he was getting gas and food, and learning to use his gas fireplace.

Hopefully, it will all be unnecessary. Although I expect to be out of school for two days. Emailed professor to tell her sorry, but Blackboard just won't let me access the quiz. Surely she will reset it later for me, and I'm not the only one, right? Reid and I will just hole up and play board games, and I will study Microbiology and the Cardiac Electrical pathways...

There surely is only one thing that would have made me feel more prepared for snow, ice and power outage...
if only I had purchased one of these I'd be set. hahahahahahah for today!!! Sigh, look how happy these guys are.....


  1. I hope your electricity stays on. I know your power will.

  2. It snowed here but not a lot. The roads are mostly clear with a few icy spots. But my last two days of work were insane! Busier than Christmas because everyone was stocking up on food in case we got snowed in. I lost count of all the shovels and de-icer and all the snow associated things we sold. It was crazy. I am glad it wasn't that bad and I didn't have to work today!

  3. WM...you are unfailingly kind, as always..

    Ali...I love your Walmart exploits and adventures. And your blog is just so you!!

  4. Snuggies are fantastic, and warm too! Bought my wife one for Christmas.