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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tasteless Wafers and Dust Mops

I purchased a delightful foreign candy bar today, made of Almond nougat with a sprinkle of tiny dark chocolate chips on top. I ate about half of it, surprised by the texture that was like a dense marshmallow, unlike most American bars that have a more creamy mouth feel, even when whipped and fluffy. It was a delicious combination, but I was thinking through all three bites ( I saved the rest) that the bottom layer was rather dry and a generally ill thought out addition unless tasteless wafer was the plan after all. Well, you know, those Europeans...

After the third bite I discovered...I was eating the paper bottom packaging that had stuck to the bar.

This is just so typically me. hahahahaha I hope you find this as funny as I did.

Oh! Two days ago my car was being worked on for two hours, so I wandered the Lakeshore Mall in Gainesville for a few hours. I sat by the carousel for a while. It wasn't operating yet, thank goodness, with all the kids in school. It actually is a beautiful old carousel, manufactured by a famous design house in New Jersey featuring a Venetian theme. I have pictures of Guy on this very carousel at about age two. As a whole, the horses and painted scenes have been very well maintained, but I did a doubletake when I noticed the plumes on the headdresses of the horses...


Well, you can't fault them for innovativeness. Innovation? maybe that is the better word. Those are
dust mops on the pretty ponies heads!!

The real ones probably got worn out years ago. Just too funny. I wonder how many other people notice?
Something about the crudely sawed off duster handle kinds ruins the picture, but the colors really match! At least this horse doesn't have to suffer like....

this poor fellow!

I'm still trying to figure out what this guy did wrong to rate this dread punishment. Hideous flower pot on the head. Crammed with distinctly leftover cemetery rejects.

At least he gets a feather duster, as well............


  1. They need more lemon pledge ;-D

  2. Wow! My friend and sister Evadne says that all the time. Is that from Family Guy? I know she said it was from a cartoon or something. Futurama? hmmmm...

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