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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another McDonald's Adventure

I'm not sure what number this would be, now, in my series of adventures at Mcdonald's...

Today I had a low blood sugar episode...my own fault, as usual. I was in the library trying to print some
Anatomy slides to study over the weekend, but another girl had decided (apparently) to print the entire text of
War and Peace, so I just kept waiting...and waiting...

I pushed going to lunch way too far out, so I ran over to McDs...which is where I go when I feel so nauseated from blood sugar drop that I really don't want to eat at all then.

But by the time I was in the drive-thru (had to get to class at East Campus), I was really out of it. I was just  blindly following the car ahead of me without knowing what I was doing. So, instead of ordering, I just followed the car ahead of me. When I got to the window to pay, I was totally clueless as to what was going on. Then I realized I hadn't ordered. I tried to tell the girls (3!) at the window that I hadn't ordered, because I am hypoglycemic and my sugar was low. Two girls didn't understand at all and started saying, oh..your blood pressure is high...then other girl said No, her blood sugar is low...they had to have an argument in the window about whose Auntie had high blood pressure, and what happened when she passed out at the family reunion.

The other girl tried in vain to get them to realize my sugar was low. She finally took over and got my order, but of course, at the next window, they tried to give me the next guy's food. Makes sense they were confused; I was the dingbat who didn't order in...lol...order! But the whole thing started over when I told the girl I had low blood sugar and apologized. She also decided I had high blood pressure and told me I was way too thin to have high blood pressure (which actually means nothing) and maybe I just needed to eat something. Oh, the irony!

This was all terribly funny, but my sugar was still dropping. The original girl who was at the other window came over with my food and even put the straw in the coke for me. She must know someone who is hypoglycemic. Then...like, all six girls were crowded in the one window telling me to eat and not drive that way. They were all terribly nice, but still confused. As I left, I could hear the conversation about the Auntie still going on.  I will have to go back on Monday and tell the manager how sweet they were, especially Danielle (the non-confused one).

I can't do justice to this story, because I would have to employ some racial stereotypes. But it's part of why I love to hit McDonald's occasionally...it is always an experience!

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  1. I think I might have just taken the next guy's food. They'd figure out their mistake as soon as he got to the window. Maybe.