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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


is a noun that implies a verb
that alludes to a sin
you only remember because you forgot to forget it
maybe two sins or three
or a lifetime of them
but no matter
who is judging this contest, and
is he friend or foe?
Were I to adjudicate-
a verb that implies a noun
that alludes to an iconographic presentation like
I would offer judicial opinion
that you have paid in full,
and bad memories of those who sinned against you are
snapped up whole and gone
in the instant you pray,
like a sleeve of crackers spilled on the beach
within the sight of the birds, and they descend, those seagulls
making the sounds you love…
the tide comes in and the tide goes out and
not once shall you ever feel alone again.

for MJL ,
whose character amazes me every day,
and who never gives in under pressure.

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