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Monday, May 16, 2011


What moves me? Why am I a diligent student one day, and a fairy the next? Often I am more than one person contained in one body. I used to think that everyone was the same as I am, only they didn't admit it. We all have our own inner dialogue, right?

Reid has been reading some interesting things about what comes with having a high IQ.
It's a touchy subject...no one wants to think of themselves as being of average intelligence, do they?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe a lot of people are happy being average IQ. Most people are...that's why it is average. Maybe they don't have any desire to suffer the bizarreness of those with abnormally high intelligence. I found very conflicting evidence as to whether high IQ is more or less associated with mental illnesses.
Though it did seem that high IQ protects one from schizophrenia.

So I guess I won't worry about my tendency to transform into a winged creature occasionally. Or a mouse, or a lioness if the occasion demands...

Well, actually, the lioness demands the occasion rise to meet her...

My father had an IQ they called immeasurable. Maybe I have mentioned before. I don't believe he was ever happy for an entire day in his whole life. Only for a few hours, maybe moments, even. I read a book long ago entitled, "Borderliners," by Peter Hoeg. He also wrote "Smilla's Sense of Snow," which I adored. This book isn't for everyone. But the concepts of time presented therein...changed my way of thinking about time forever.

Hmmm, funny phrase..."thinking about time forever"
that might spark a poem tomorrow.
I think the smarter you are, the harder it is to stay in the moment, to stay happy.
If we are creating our own reality every moment with our brains, then my reality may be much bigger than some people's. In fact, I would bet everything I have that this is true. My reality is bigger. Others' are even bigger than mine. Some are infinitesimally small. Mostly, for our whole lives, all we know is our own reality.
Occasionally they intersect.

To have one's moments of happiness and presence intersect with another's moments of happiness and presence...that is bliss.

I'm working on that. Yesterday was bliss. A lot of bliss going around lately...at least in my reality...which is full of fairy dust, Russian tea with the best companions, and new names.

Oh...and presents! This beautiful corset was a gift from MJL, which was terribly expensive, and which is outrageously delighting in it's sheer lack of necessity to life...which makes it a perfectly wonderful gift for a fairy...


  1. I don't know anyone who is of "average" IQ.

    IQ is a bit misleading...I have known people who are brilliant spatially, or who have a very quick wit, but whose performance on IQ tests has been woeful. It seems that IQ, as it has been traditionally measured, fails to quantify many kinds of aptitude. Still, a high IQ at least recognizes a certain high ability to absorb and process particular sorts of info. You obviously have a high IQ for many things and you make a stellar fairy.

  2. WM, thank you for thinking I make a good fairy. All fairies are somewhat vain, you know...

    Charlie!! I'm so glad you are still around. You of the very high IQ yourself! We all have to stick together, you know...

  3. Ok, it's late and I had a margarita. Sorry for the two "you knows." Quite unlike me. hahahaha

  4. Hit me up on FB, we'll stick together there. I can't keep registering, verifying, logging in, and typing a captcha just say 'hi'.