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Monday, May 30, 2011


My world changed today.

I had a MacGruber moment today. (SNL reference. You can google it.)
I almost set off the bomb when I was trying to diffuse it.
Though he wasn't very happy at my incompetence, (work with me on the theme here),
MJL handed me the wire cutters when I asked for them...and
when one pair of hands wasn't enough to cut the red wire and the green wire at the
same moment, we did it together.
And! He didn't find it necessary to lecture me or make me stand in the hall and miss recess. (oops, I changed themes.)

I went back to school, and I learned something about someone: something significant,
something lovely, something defining. Most importantly...something I won't forget.

Oh yeah, and when the phone rang while we were disarming the bomb with the obligatory seconds left, that was appropriately hilarious. Reminding us to laugh...

Thank you for that, MJ- you are the Irish MacGyver.

Also I got a new nickname from TK, which I think is excellent. Snoopy- like the cartoon dog in Peanuts. I will leave the reasons a mystery, but thanks for making me laugh, TK. I'm sorry the young ladies of the cove seem to have ripped your pants off of you? I'm good at fixing things like that with my excellent sewing machine. But you have to be more careful next time, hahahaha

I know- this post doesn't give much detail (I only gave you a high-level overview) but maybe you can take something from it anyway, about appreciating the wonderful, special, unique and beautiful people that God gifts you with in your life, and how much it means to be able to work with someone and not on opposite sides.

Happy Memorial Day. Today, as always, I remember my sister, Lieutenant Brynda C. Sipes Drane,USN, and my Grandfather, 1st Lieutenant Charles E. Stiede, US Army Air Corps. Thank you, wherever you are, to everyone who has sacrificed their lives for me.

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