Because all experiences are valuable.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Down the Road

churning things smack my face
before I hold breath to go under...
a water wheel,
I think I am tied to it,
a revolutionary participant,
sanely resisting any fresh wound
that puts blood in the water.

blind, I feel for the rope
to be pulled in the event of an emergency,
I wait
the crisis may come later
down the road

what makes my mind pull two directions at once,
thinking itself limitless it sees no antagonism,
only fighting and wanting
all things.

what a stain this beating red disaster will leave,
one thing or the other...
one thing,
or the other,
or waiting for the wheel to go round again.


  1. intimate, too close, fear, troubling, a cry... for help or acknowledgement? self realization? say more.

  2. hi wm! This poem was largely a reaction to watching the movie "The Road" with MJL. Of course, it all weaves in with some things I was feeling and trying to process....some life and death issues...some "why do certain things happen all at the same time" issues...other stuff...

  3. I was moved by "The Road." The religious symbolism is profoundly there, but not at all forced or in any way inauthentic. Father and son are lovingly portrayed in the most brutal and primal way, the love of the father clearly understood, embraced and expanded on by the son.

    I hope you feel less beaten down as the days go by. Get plenty of rest.