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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Way It Should Be (or/ so long, and thanks for all the fish)

the way it should be...
contains all of the obvious
prepositional phrases,
even if they are not there grammatically.

I remember learning that one
should apply that mnemonic to
a chair, or a box.
What one could do
to, on, over, under, beside beneath behind
opposite, through , towards,
you can fill in the rest from memory
I am sure,

there are some that fascinate me
pique me
that I had forgotten, like
regarding, considering, besides, among,
following and excluding...

in light of my thoughts, beyond what Einstein predicted,
despite the "best laid plans,"
there are still some that I would as soon forget
like Between,
and naturally there is
which is not the way it should be...


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