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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Corvus Cornix

I feel sure I am missing the full moon, hidden behind these storms and clouds. Though the lightshow was amazing, as many pointed out (such as the entertaining Mr. Magill, who will never realize that he has been mentioned in my blog), still I shall have to wait an entire month for another full moon to appear.

Would that I lived on a planet with more than one moon! If they were different colors that would be joyous. Would that require more than one sun to have different colored moons? No, I think not, maybe just moons made of different materials.

I am made of different materials.

A little fox, a little crow (raven?) no,just crow, I think...a lot of silk and some randomly variegated ribbon, wax...definitely wax, some porcelain and some ash, some balsamic vinegar, oatmeal, tea leaves, and maybe some moldavite.

What are you made of?

Looking at things with a roving round eye, turning my head like a bird...
Sure, I like shiny things, but I like omens better.

I saw something two days ago I have never seen in all my life...
a crow on the ground with its little baby crow (which was huge) but you could see the downy baby crow feathers under the wings and the crow was encouraging its baby to fly. I have seen this with any number of songbirds, but never a crow...
I think they tend to keep their business private...

which might lead you to say, well, surely there is very little crow in you, girl, if crows keep their business private...

but, really, doesn't that just make you wonder what goes on that you cannot see?

You can't look and know,
the life of a crow,
her flight path is wide,
and she keeps much inside,
You may think all is plain,
as you call her by name...
but her mystery stays dark,
she's a crow...
not a lark...

next month I should like my full moon back, please. I can wait. I can wait, and watch. Is patience a virtue, or a talent? No matter. That moon always comes back round again... sometimes it finds you in a trenchcoat and underwear...sometimes it finds you eating half a mint. Only the crow knows what happens next.

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  1. I used to think crows were a nuisance bird, but in the past few years I have come to admire and respect them...they are as much like us as any bird can be. They are talking all the time, but there is much more in them that we don't see, don't know. I especially like when their conversations circle the neighborhood, tree to tree to tree or when they gather to defy a hawk.