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Saturday, June 25, 2011


So, I'm back home!!!
Feels good.
First task...make tea and drink from my own mug. Second task...facebook updates.
Third task...blog.
I'm eating dark chocolate chips and almonds.
I wrote a poem while riding MARTA to my car from the airport.

Everything since Jason died has been so intense. School this summer is so much more demanding than I anticipated. My sons are just the best people I could imagine them to be. Just thoughts...


haven't the words to tell
what I have been through.
End over end tumble,
when I am upside down
I try to enjoy the sensation
and ready myself for the
moments I am upright,
when I can deftly toss a few
accomplishments through the
keyhole-sized gap, before
I am off plumb again.
Good things are-
rolling faster than the piles
of work can descend upon me-
rolling past people
I love, sharing an upright moment
before we roll away, or
looking at them sideways,
just as good- lovely, even,
Waiting for the return of
the one,
whose strength and gravity
can hold me in place.


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