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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shiny Things and Crow Omens

It isn't even the full moon and yet the crows return.
I was sitting with MJL on his porch, telling him of an opportunity I had recently to help someone find a piece of information that he really needed.
One of my small odd occurrences in which information I have no way of knowing comes to me anyway...

MJL looked over at the trees and said, "are those crows, or just blackbirds?"
There were two medium to largeish crows side by side in the tree...of course, just as I was telling the story.

I know that the twin birds that belonged to Odin, the Norse God, are generally thought to be ravens...but both ravens and crows share the same Genus, Corvus.
Odin's crows were named Huginn and Munnin, meaning "thought" and "memory."

I'm always commenting on life's delicious strangeness. Crows are said to exist between the worlds, half-in and half-out this one. Thought and memory...
things that crows clearly possess in abundance,
and a fondness for shiny things, which Di says are always in fashion.

here is something interesting to watch, something to think about...something to remember.


  1. Both post in the same night. A miracle in itself, Tara. Surprisingly, crows and ravens are some of my favorite birds because of the mystery they carry along with them.
    I'll be sure to watch this video.

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  3. You know how I feel about crows, their sharp sensibilities. Great TED, thanks. I am always pleased to know crow fans...it seems like once upon a time crows had only enemies. Maybe that's changing.

    (pardon my deletion above, I said something poorly, that is, I said something other than what I meant.)

  4. WM, hard to believe you could ever say anything poorly. I don't think I believe you. hahahaha