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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Test blog?

So....I'm testing posting to my blog from my phone using the blogger app. I'm lying in bed. This doesn't feel like blogging. Hahaha, but could come in handy in the future. I suppose blogging from the ER is frowned upon?
However, posting poetry or random observations from almost anywhere...has potential. For example, from bed! Well, T-minus two weeks to finals for this semester. Reid started back to drumline/bandcamp this week. I watched "the Tourist" because Celeste was talking about the water vapor cigarette in class. I built a bookcase (kit) tonight...started about eleven pm. MJL called me a "productive" nightowl. He is right, though Reid is the owl...I'm the crow. I had to get yet another bookcase for my school books. Looks like I have to buy 14 more for Fall semester.
.....someone save me....please....no?
Oh well, ok. It would be nice to make Pi Kappa Phi. Well I can dream....goodnight!
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  1. Never tried the Blogger Android app. Might ponder it