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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Formal Convocation 2010

I wasn't thrilled late last week to be informed that all full time students were required to attend the Fall Formal Convocation this afternoon in Pearce Auditorium. I don't have class on Thursday, so it was just another round trip 35 minutes to school, and gas for that trip. Also, it cut into my studying time for my first big Anatomy test tomorrow.

But my dear friend and sister, Christin, is having her wedding today out in Arkansas, and I couldn't attend, so being at a convocation seemed fitting. At least I could be in a solemn ceremony, too, with songs and prayers...and think of Mary and Neal as well.

I forget sometimes how inspiring it is to listen to well written academic speeches. I want to ask the professor who wrote and delivered this one if I may have a copy. It was full of fascinating statistics about what it means to be a student at a Women's college. Plus this professor graduated from Agnes Scott College, just like me! I forget how much energy I feel in a room packed full of dynamic and smart women.

The lovely architecture. The stained glass windows. Finding out that Brenau is even older than Agnes Scott...cool! Thinking about all the thousands of years women have been held back and held down.

Thinking about all the millions of women in the world today who don't have basic rights and education.

Pondering on my commitment to myself about what I am doing here. Already I have made some new friends. Already they are teaching me things, and I am teaching them, too. Maybe one thing the older student definitely has is the wisdom not to waste a second. I had two RTC (return to college) friends at Agnes Scott. They were always prepared and always alert. They asked questions I was glad they asked, because I didn't even know to ask them. Their names were Peggy, and French. I don't know what happened to them, but I still remember them vividly. Having tea with Peggy after class...having "boyfriend trouble" discussions with French, who was about sixty when I was 20. She was incredible. I think I'm too kooky to offer much wisdom to my new friends, but then again, I've seen a whole hell of a lot, and been so many amazing places...and survived things...

Here is the faculty. So far, I'm very impressed. I guess I won't get that much chance to know them before I'm off to the nursing buildings across town. But I know the few I have will leave an indelible impression. My "Sharpie" professors. It would not surprise me if I leave an impression on them. That's a bad habit of mine.  :-)

So. thank you Brenau Administration, for forcing me to show up today. It was uplifting. It made me proud to be there in that esteemed company.

Oh, and I made a 100 on that scary Lab Test. Yes, I did. Tomorrow...the more scary Anatomy Test. And no, I don't think tests ever get less scary, really. Not when your future depends on them. Then again, the future depends on every thing one does, or does not do. So I'm going to review my "stuff" one more time, then relax. Take care y'all!

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