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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Alice

Oh my, how did I get so far behind? I'm just catching up on some of the blogs I read, watching Jamie Lee Curtis stripper dance in "True Lies" (well who doesn't like that? hahaha), and looking at the directions for the vest pattern I'm working on. I'm throwing together some costumes for DragonCon this weekend for myself. I decided to go "all sexy-cute, all the time...", that being cute like popular Halloween costumes, but done with my own special twist. I know I'm doing a Minnie Mouse and a Mad Hatter. My Mad Hatter wears hot pink, neon green, and teal! (Um, and is a girl!). Oh yes, of course there will be pictures after the weekend.

This vest I'm making is green satin with a teal slubbed silk collar. It will tie with hot pink ribbon (saved and free! from a Coach box), and I'm adding rows of brass, but non-functional buttons. I need to google up some mad hatter pics. I love Johnny Depp, but please not that gap-toothed, carrot topped character from the latest Tim Burton iteration. (But I adored the Red Queen in that one, and the sound track is good.)

Good day at school today. I think my anatomy professor is very good. I find him very easy to understand, and I remember what he lectures on. There are professors whose voices or mannerisms just put one to sleep, or somehow what they say just doesn't stay with one. Someone should investigate that! I read a really interesting report once that showed that the truest indicator of whether an aspiring actor would become a big name star was the uniqueness of his or her voice. If the voice was recognizable with no face attached, and instantly so, then the person had a much better chance of hitting it big. Think of all the voice-overs on commercials these days done by stars. Don't you just always know who the voice is? I probably have an advantage, being the movie buff that I am...oh, here is Tom Selleck doing an OJ commercial, and Jeff Bridges just was advertising some sort of car. LOL, here is Jimmy Johnson for Extenze. But he has to show his face.

Let's have some more Alice in Wonderland. Avril really grew up to be lovely. I still find her voice a little annoying, but I like the sentiments expressed in the song, and the scenes from the movie at the end...

So, truly, my Mad Hatter will look nothing like that. However, I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan. Genius!! I just watched the Corpse Bride yesterday while sewing. Which begs the question, what happened to Emily Watson?? Did you ever see The Boxer, with Emily and Daniel Day Lewis? That movie moves me in ways I find hard to even explain.

No class tomorrow, but lots to do, so I'm going to cut out my collar interfacing and go to bed. I wish you could all come to Dragon Con, why exactly aren't you coming? Well, okay, if you say so...


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  2. Oh, and Alice IS a happening soundtrack. Thanks for that!