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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bob Barker...grumble ##^)!!

I think you could pass me on the street and not know me.
Others differ in their opinion.
I should go to sleep, but my brain is still full. I have to take chewable calcium at night, and I think this has become akin to swallowing a mouthful of toilet paper after a brisk jog in the Gobi. Could it be fifteen years I have been chewing this stuff?

Should I buy a netbook? They are so adorable! This is like an ad in the middle.

The calcium...anything but chewable makes me ill. Hey!!! it is like a game show.
Let's play...What Makes Tara Sick?
pretty much say any food and you probably win. Do not say french fries. They do not make me sick. They have rapidly climbed the charts like the Matterhorn Climber guy on the old Price is Right as one of my top five most consumed. McDonald's is considering adding a tagline to the Happy Meal box..."Keeping Tara Alive Since 1975!" No? I kinda like it. Yeah yeah, I know there I am throwing in my real first name, Tara, and confusing the situation. But when I write like this I think I'm just more Tara. The real writer is Sylace.

Those old Price is Right games were kinda ridiculous. I liked plinko with the big silly chips big as your head. I hated the stupid golf game that Bob Barker almost always got a hole in one for the person. OMG, the showcase showdown!!! What a consumeristic glutton bowl that was. Sometimes I miss the seventies.

I used to paint. Why don't I paint anymore?

And this for Ali, who makes the world seem like a giant sunflower shaped cookie, because her genuine goodness is as inescapable as the end of the bread bag...

Virtual tea in Wonderland, tomorrow and yesterday both...at the same time, I'll bring the crumpets, you bring the whiskey for the Dormouse.


  1. Ok.. so of all things to comment on.. I have to say.. the NETBOOK.. omg.. buy it buy it buy it.

  2. Sadly, I don't have one. I wanted one so badly, and my husband totally talked me out of it as we were walking into Best Buy, I ended up with a run of the mill notebook. My friend, Cynthia has one and she LOVES it.

    Whenever you're looking for validation to buy something... please feel free to turn to me :-)