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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maybe That Wasn't Such A Good Idea, After All.

Well, it is Tuesday, but not Tuesday morning as I promised. Last night I suffered one of the worst migraine headaches I have had in years, probably since I got my wisdom teeth removed fifteen years ago. I felt nauseated all day...I thought from an undercooked hamburger at a BBQ, but now I think it was the migraine coming on.

July 4th Sunday, I spent hours on a Seadoo, which was awesome. I had a date with Frank, but at the moment I'm talking about something else. (My possible brain damage, LOL) Yesterday I went back out on the boat and Seadoo with Guy, when I already felt nauseated. It was a bad choice on my part. I wouldn't worry, probably, but my sister died at age 28 from a massive sub-arachnoid hemorrhage after several brain traumas and then lots of deep scuba diving where she was stationed in Yokuska, Japan. It was a congenital weakness coupled with an injury in Naval Officer Training where her retina completely detached behind one eye.

I think when I jumped off the 18' dock the other day, I kinda addled my brain. Frank is good with all things watercraft . I was very safe on the Seadoo with him, but I think maybe I've just shaken my brain around too much for several days straight. Plus I think I might have a case of Otitis Externa (outer ear/ear canal infection) in my right ear from water I didn't get out.

I'm going to post several blog posts today, I have different things to say. A lot has happened. I feel kind of confused. But I want thank Frank for helping me when the migraine hit. Migraine sufferers can attest to the face on the tile bathroom floor, retching, light-flashing behind the eyes misery that is a migraine. I'm not sure Frank had ever seen one, but he was kind and followed all my directions about what would help.

Stay tuned for more in the next few hours, and back to my regularly scheduled programming. And maybe some poetry.

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  1. Well, I for one, missed you, but I can tell you, the moment this becomes a chore you ought to back off. Your openness, your fertility, will wax and wane. Let it.