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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Say Anything! I look best in profile anyway.

Lloyd Dobler is my hero. If you are anywhere near my age, or a movie buff, you should know who that is. He doesn't want to sell anything that is made or make anything that is produced or sold or...I don't know, who could list that? Okay, some probably could. Lloyd Dobler is John Cusack, in the movie Say Anything. Yes! Mr. boom box above his head...she gave me a pen. Realllly, Lloyd Dobler is Cameron Crowe. All Cameron Crowe's teenage characters are.

I remember the first time I saw Ione Skye. She was so different, so exotic...or what was exotic in the 80's land of white, except for Michael Jackson.

Aside from all the incredible reasons Lloyd Dobler is my hero, those that are expressly explicated in the movie, there is one I don't think gets any attention. When he goes to the prison to visit his girlfriend's dad, and Dad (the criminal, no less) spews his disgust upon our heroic everyman, saying how he cannot believe the way his daughter has learned to champion mediocrity as she has around Lloyd. And Lloyd just takes it, not a bat of an eyelash, not a change of expression perceptible at all. He just continues in his pursuit of getting Dad to read the daughter's letter. And then he bolsters Dad's confidence, reassures him, looks for the bright side. I find it very moving. It inspires me.

I saw once an hour long discussion on some christian channel of the phrase, "turn the other cheek." I don't think I have to remember what or when, so that I can tell you, because I'm not trying to convince you of anything. The lesson in Greek translation they were teaching was that the phrase "turn the other cheek" in historical context in Greece meant stand your ground. Someone hits one cheek, offer the other as well, to say, "Oh, yeah? That all you got?" Stand firm, but do not retaliate. I wish I could recreate the lesson for you, but it was fascinating and well supported. Every translation I can find online makes it look like you are to suffer anything that can be borne, and let God mete out his justice. There is a subtle difference there. I think it is the eyes.

A person striving to be meek might turn the other cheek, turning his eyes as well. But the person who is absolutely non-resistant, but standing firm, would offer the other cheek and yet continue to look the aggressor in the eye calmly.

I'm working hard on non-resistance. I want to be like Lloyd Dobler. I want to champion mediocrity, if that's what it takes. But of course, we should know that the person who can accept their very mediocrity and insignificance in the scheme of all humans on this planet, and continue to hold their eyes level with anyone- actually is rather extraordinary.

Besides, Lloyd Dobler is the Keymaster. And Rick Moranis is also the keymaster, Demon dog Vinz Clortho, in Ghostbusters. There are no coincidences...in the Twilight Zone. Hahahahahahaha


  1. I don't know the movie, never saw it, too old I guess, but I know from where you speak. Holding ground might not seem as heroic as taking ground, but it can be; in fact it can be more heroic. You hold yours well.

  2. "Say Anything." What an incredible movie of the times. Philosophically dry; simultaneously humorous and insightfully...real. What I need of that now?

    " I am looking for a dare to be great situation." -- Lloyd Dobler.

    What a name. What a guy.

    "And now for something completely different" - Chevy Chase, SNL.

    What a name. What a guy.

    And yet perhaps not so much different than Lloyd's wisdom and desire:

    "To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad." - Eckhart Tolle, "A New Earth"

    The Life created compleat, in just those two ever-so-simple sentences.
    I'll take two, please. They're small.

    Ok, I just have to, though three is too much: Eckhart Tolle. What a name. What a guy...

  3. I'm really glad you are reading that book, Frank! I have suggested it to several people. Guy was going to start it on his trip to Wisconsin. I look forward to discussing it with y'all, and others! Chevy Chase, though, always seemed ALL Ego to me, and from "Hollywood" reports. Louie Frank Bragan III...what a name, what a guy.

    Jim, if the movie ever comes on TV, you should watch it. It was on AMC last night. They replay a lot. It is highly iconic for my generation. Gotta love the Gen X. I really respect your opinion.