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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guarding the Georgia Taxpayers,... yeah right

I didn't post last night, and I'm not feeling very well. I rarely take any sort of medicine at all, and I'm taking some that is strong for an infection, so it is affecting me a great deal.

Guy and I are currently engaged in a battle with the State of Ga Board of Regents to get Guy in-state tuition. How many documents can these people possibly require. Uh-oh, I think I feel a rant.

Okay! so, Guy's dad is a National Guard recruiter. He is from Georgia, born n raised as they say. In the military, you have a "home State of Record." Meaning, where you designate as the state you are a resident of no matter where you are stationed. Guy's dad's home state of record has never changed from Georgia in the roughly twenty years he has been in in the military. His tax return...his federal 1040 and his Georgia 500...both list his full time employer as The National Guard. Military regulations require that you file state taxes in your home state of record. He filed in Ga, I provided this. Guy showed his military dependent ID. We got a copy of his dad's orders to be stationed here as a recruiter.


You cannot believe the documentation that we are being forced to provide to "prove" that Guy's dad LIVES and WORKS in the State of GA. Three days down already in the pursuit of this.

Our government knows EVERYTHING about us. They certainly know everything about members of the military! Item 'J' of the valid reasons for an in-state tuition waiver states- written by the Board of Regents, no less- that all members of the Georgia National Guard and their dependents will be granted in-state tuition.

Tell me, explain to me pleeeease, how how how they can say that all the documentation I have provided, and that they KNOW he is in the GA National Guard, is not enough?

I am having to provide six, yes six, further documents to prove what is beyond obvious to the most casual observer. Look at my kid's military dependent ID
(to be fair, that one doesn't specifically say Georgia), look at the darn Military Orders!! Look at your own rules and regulations!

Oy vey. Not much else to say. You know me, all experiences valuable. I think Guy is learning some lessons here about what it takes to deal with the government. John Madden used to say, "Pay no attention if the horse is blind, just keep loading the cart." I actually get that. I'm going to keep loading the cart with a blizzard of documentation. They can just keep on being blind. If I have to go around front and pull the damn cart myself, that's what I will do.

Oh, and actually the admissions officer at GSC is doing her absolute best to help, calling back promptly and shares my frustration to some extent. She didn't make these myopic rules, and is doing her job well.

Back at it tomorrow, and hopefully I can report success!


  1. I'm really sorry to hear you're going through all of this redundant garbage, but glad that you're keeping a positive perspective. And hey, at least you know you'll have it all sorted out by the end!

    I hope you start to feel better. Medicine is no fun, I agree.

  2. No, the admissions officer is NOT doing her job well. You have an open and shut case, and she should be fighting for you.

  3. Thanks, Drew, you are always so caring!

    Frank, I LOVE that quote. So funny, yet true.

    Ike, I didn't think of it that way. I think you're right. But the officer went to Agnes Scott, so I didn't want to be too hard on a fellow Scottie. ;-)