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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Across The Universe

It's Saturday night, and we are watching a movie, called Across the Universe. From 2007, this is a Beatles rock musical taking place in the Vietnam Era. So far it is pretty freaking awesome. I thought the main actress was Chloe Sevigny and I thought, "Wow, she looks amazing...she is like 20 pounds thinner on that Big Love show about the polygamists. (too thin)" Turns out she looks so good because "she" is someone else. She is Evan Rachel Wood, of "Thirteen" fame...a movie I would highly recommend to anyone who has a daughter age eleven or older.

Had lunch with Sherry yesterday, my dear high school friend of 30 years.  Let's see...this is Sherry (on the right), me, and Janine P. from our 20 year high school reunion. Sherry has a teenage daughter not too much younger than Reid. Sherry was telling me how aggressive the teen girls have gotten with the boys...I mean romantically, sexually, etc. Seriously, I would recommend the movie "Thirteen." It was largely written by Nikki Reed, who you will recognize from the Twilight series of movies, though hideously died blonde. I've never understood that choice.

I don't know, I'm just sort of babbling while watching this movie. I had another awkward public restroom in a fast food joint moment (see Next Time, Check First 7/23/10). No keys were lost in gross places this time. I had been sitting around Captain D's waiting for my car at the mechanic's. So, I went to pee, because that is generally why I go to the restroom. It was a "one-stall-er" with the sad wall mounted sink with exposed pipes. I was bored waiting for my car to be done, and I got a text, so I answered. Then another, and another. I just sat there giggling and texting. Finally I got up and went out to wash my hands...when I discovered that unbeknownst to me another woman had come in and was waiting, listening to me giggle and text. OMG...so embarrassing. I lamely held up my phone and said in my most self-deprecating, oh-what-a-dork-I-am manner, "Ha Ha I was texting, sorry..." She gave me a mildly withering look. Oy vey, sometimes I just lose touch with reality!

Okay, wow, now Bono is channeling INXS deceased lead singer Micheal Hutchence with an odd rhyming string o'words. Which is weird because he just came up yesterday in conversation. And....now Eddie Izzard is doing an acid-fueled song with um...large blue people and giraffes.

I would say this is a really good movie, unless you don't like the Beatles. These two characters are loosely based on Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix.

So, Sylace signing off. Peace, man.         (saunters off, singing Oh! Darlin...please believe me...)


  1. I've actually seen Across the Universe before, and it wasn't my cup of tea (first and foremost, I'm not a big Beatles fan). My least favorite scenes, frankly, were the ones featuring Bono and Izzard, as both last entirely too long and contribute absolutely nothing to the story.

    But I hope you enjoy the movie. I never wish for someone to feel like they wasted their time watching something, even if I felt that way.

    Also, the toilet-texting story is hilarious! I can't say I've ever had that happen to me (I don't spend that long in public bathrooms), but those embarrassing moments where we feel the need to explain ourselves to strangers make for some of the funniest stories. ;D

  2. Visiting the bathroom makes a great story sometimes. I will make an honest attempt to visit more often.