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Friday, August 20, 2010


Just a few updates, or whatnot. I have to get to bed here in a minute. Reid has been snoozy for a while already...

I got to share dinner with Drew, the adorable artist who made that caricature of me and follows my blog. He used to be Frank's next door neighbor in a former neighborhood, and now is his neighbor again in the new place. Purely coincidental. Drew is great fun and a delightful dinner companion. It's nice Frank has such cool friends, and now mine, too. Here are me and Drew:

A wee bit blurry, but still a fun picture. Drew and Frank had me laughing so much at Mad Italian, which was good because I could only eat some soup. Sadness, because I love their pizza. I had just said hey, isn't it great I haven't had an attack of pancreatitis all summer?? Yeah, spoke too soon. You know how they say don't make eye contact with a happy, self-absorbed baby if you ever want to get anything done (that's probably Mom wisdom)? I shouldn't make contact with my pancreas if it isn't thinking of me already. Sometimes it is annoying to tell people like nurses that I have it, because the number one cause is alcohol abuse. I barely drink, if at all, so that is not the reason. It just doesn't like to work properly. Kind of like the climate control system in my Jaguar. Grrr.

The mini-laptop is on its way!! No ipads for me. But I won't rule out the next gen or whatever they come up with next. I did order the Toshiba, but I found that the black version was 31.00 dollars less (often true with colors), and the 2G RAM chip, that would fill the open slot available, was only 40.00. So I ordered the black and the extra RAM. This tiny thing will have 4Gig of RAM! My laptop now only has 2. Sucker should be fast. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon. It probably has to be signed for. If I'm not here I may have to wait until Monday. Crud, I start class and won't be here then, either. Hmmm. I'll have to figure this out.

Okay, I'm off to read Christin's Blog about Air Force life, then to bed! Hugs to all!

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