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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Episode III- Revenge of the Ditz

Where on Earth have I been, you ask? You are asking that, right? It's okay if you aren't, because I have been thinking of you all anyway. I wish you could all tell me what you have been up to.

The sunglasses adventure continues! The tally is one pair of Coach temporarily broken, one pair of Kate Landry looking permanently misplaced, and one pair of Versace which walked off. Leaving me with one pair of Armani Emporium that are way too large on my now skinnier face, and a pair of Coach which I adore, but am now sort of afraid to wear. Those were a birthday gift from Reid's dad three years ago. My record isn't good lately. Before the last few weeks, I hadn't lost a pair of sunglasses in at least five years!  So I went to look for new ones. Reid helped me pick. The combined dollar total of the missing and out of commission sunglasses was $570. The combined total of the two new pair was $32.

 Pictures, you say? Well okay, but only a few small ones. This isn't a fashion show. ;-)
These are Jones New York. Orig. retail $42, sale $12.

These are Nine West. Orig. retail $49, sale $19.99.

Reid has pretty good taste. He was a definite no on a great many pair I liked. Handy to have him around!

On that note, I miss you Ali. You were a great connoisseur of sunglasses.
 So, what is this all about? I'm thinking about that.

At first I thought it was a sign that I needed to give up my last attachment to luxury goods. I am known for my incredibly cheap, bargain basement shopping habits. But I buy quality items at ridiculous clearance prices because, for example, I am willing to repair missing buttons, messed up zippers, etc. commonly found on clearance racks. Plus I have unusual taste, and see potential in items most everyone else rejected. Tricks of the costumer! But expensive sunglasses were really my vice. I have never smoked, rarely drink... if at all, hate gambling, don't overeat, watch my environmental impact...but wow a $300 dollar pair of sunglasses could really turn me on. In some defense, I wear contact lenses with a fairly strong prescription, have light eyes, and am so bothered by glare that I wear sunglasses even at twilight. Still, that is just a stinking lot of money for sunglasses. So, I thought, this is a lesson in reality and humility. Let these things go.

What is it that wisdom asks? Do you own your possessions, or do they own you? Exactly. Let them go if they walk off, or get lost. But...I whine...I hate the feel of plastic on my skin. I won't even drink out of a plastic cup. Expensive sunglasses are made of resin. Plus they have optical quality lenses. Hey, I forgot to tell you...I was an optician at Pearle Vision Center for a year, then worked for Corona Eye Optique and Southwestern Eyecare Medical Center. I used to make eyeglasses, fit contacts, and give visual field exams for spotting macular degeneration. I even did a TV commercial for Corona Eye Optique that played for a year in Southern Arizona. Wow, the memories come flooding back, and sorry this is so stream of remembrance. Eighteen years ago! But that is where I met the Gucci rep who told me all about how expensive handmade Italian frames are made. He gave me my first pair of Gucci frames. they were pale pink and I made the lenses myself in the lab! I had totally forgotten. I think I come by my luxury preference fair and square. I feel somewhat better about this strange indulgence.

I decided, after much thought, however, that the message was really not about giving up the possessions, but the message was to take off the shades from my eyes and be sure I am seeing all things clearly.  Life is so imperfect. That is what makes it surprising and delightful. I think I like life so much, I tend to see things and people a little better than they are. That's okay, because that is who I am. But here's the thing- I don't need these shades to protect me. I have the power to choose when I want to wear them. After all, who doesn't deserve to be viewed through a more forgiving lens?

Just this second on TV, an ad for transitions eyeglass lenses came on. It said they adapt to the changing light so they can follow you all day. That's it. The confirmational omen, you might say. I will adapt to the changing light, whatever it is. I will see clearly, but choose to see gently. It was a good lesson...and I like my new cheap glasses pretty well.

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