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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bibbers and Dinkles

Just a quick post tonight. Monday morning bright and early, I start school. Chemistry, Anatomy, Statistics, and Medical Terminology. I have to figure out a way to add human growth and development, possibly as an online course.

Busy day today getting things ready for school, grocery shopping, and also hemming and fitting Reid and Connor's band bibbers. They are like black ski bibs, but not puffy, that go under the band jacket. They come all one length, about 37", and fit like a bag. If "mom" can't alter them, then one has to pay someone. But this mom can, so I did Reid's and Connor's today for their first game next Friday night. From all accounts the band is doing incredibly well learning their show drill quickly. That is good news. Less getting yelled at, I'm sure.

They call the shoes "Dinkles" after the band director in the old comic Funky Winkerbean. This is the unhemmed pant on Reid. Not too ridiculously long on him 'cause he's so tall. (about 6'1.5")

Well, that is all for now. I'm sure I will have lots to tell tomorrow. Goodnight, or...Good Morning!
ha ha ha ha ha...from this angle he looks like a giant!

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