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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Land of the Lost

well yes, apparently the Slestacks finally succeeded in their quest to steal my cell phone. I don't have a land line...what is this the Dark Ages? (land line hahahahaha) Chris Spence told me I should call ATT tomorrow and see if they can turn on the ringer remotely. It is on vibrate. Usually Frank is the cell phone advice King. I guess he is off in euphoric iPhone4 land. Probably smoking a hookah on top of a mushroom or something. Isn't that what goes on in iPhone4 land? You have to drink a potion or something, pass through a tiny apple shaped door, and there is Steve Jobs, invisible except for a large set of grinning teeth? Right? Looks pretty fun in there...

My black Versace sunglasses have finally made their way into the time warp as well. I'm sure the roaming T-Rex is looking fine in them. My kids used to make fun of me because there was a time period of a couple of years when if I lost something I'd always think someone took it or moved it. I realized they were right and I sounded ridiculous, so I started assuming I'd lost everything. But my Versaces were in my Jaguar on top of the emergency brake in their case when I went into the Target, and were not there when I came out (one...eternity...later...). Yes, I left the passenger side door open. It's okay. I had them for five years. That's about forty dollars a year. and they were out of style anyway. However, they would come back in...never get rid of handmade italian sunglasses. They will last forever, going in and out of style randomly. I hope it makes up for your tiny, useless arms, Mr. Rex.

Managed to finally replace Guy's AP Psychology test scores, which were...lost. Somewhere some primordial jungle denizen has set up shop as a psychologist, using Guy's test scores to hang on his wall. It's okay, his patients can't read anyway.

I've lost some other things yesterday and today, mental things, philosophical things, eine kleine nachtmusik (did I spell that right? Reid will whack me if I didn't).

There is a disturbing point sometimes, where I'm not sure if I'm Scarlet, "Tomorrow is another day..." or if I am Rhett, "Frankly, my Dear, I don't give a damn." Tara is looking pretty threadbare for receiving guests, but there's probably a parsnip or two in the field. Too esoteric, I suppose...

I really really did laugh all through Dinner for Schmucks tonight. It is so well done. Steve Carell can pull off what just might have been awful if acted by someone else. He's kinda like the Jerry Lewis of our generation, but not annoying. Paul Rudd does a fabulous straight man, and that guy from the Conchords is perfect. Oh...and the smarmy boss who plays Ashley Judd's husband in Double Jeopardy who frames her for his murder. He is always a smarmy guy!!

talk at you tomorrow. "you'll find that life, is still worthwhile...if you'll just smile."

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