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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aren't Weekends for Rest?

Woo-hoo! definitely fall now. The first football game is a definite sign. Wish I could be blogging more than every other day, but doing the best I can. Friday went like the clockwork I had hopes it would with getting out of class, getting over to Reid's high school, feeding him, back to school, grab Guy and get to the game. Back up early for the Band car wash. Then rushed from that to the Class of '85 reunion picnic. Back home to make Guy a tunic shirt in two hours for an upcoming event. Upload about a hundred pictures to Facebook, now writing.

Sigh, it is only 12:40. I just want to put a few pics on here, then get to bed.

It was a friendly competition with the other Flash of Crimson band group doing a car wash across town. I haven't heard how it went yet.
Reid is the tenor drum player on the left, as seen from the stands.

I have been losing my voice off and on since last night. This happens to me with some regularity every fall. When I was working as Corporate Sales Mgr. at my local Borders, I lost it for a whole week. Not so good for my job. Then once during rehearsals for a theater show, I lost it for several days. Back by opening night, though. Sitting at the foggy football stadium as the dew point hit didn't help, but the band was so good. Really, they impressed me with their first show performance.
me and Connor being weird.
Reid and Guy being weird. Reid's kinda hot and sweaty after the show.
And the reunion picnic...

I look a little stoned... (I'm not)
And the awesome medieval tunic for Guy. I'm pretty proud of this, two hours work, and no pattern. Just cut out freehand then tailored to him a bit. The sleeves were originally like four inches too long...snip snip snip, hem.   

I will probably make him some simple linen or cotton drawstring trousers on Tuesday. Hopefully won't take too long. Homework must come first!  He needs to dirty that shirt up a bit if he really wants to look medieval...

But I am already off and running on another project, a cloak. Can't wait to show you all the whole costumes and blog from DragonCon!

Honestly not even sure what I will wear, or have time to do, but I love costuming others. It's a true avocation.    

 Seven yards of microsuede fabric! hahahah putty in my hands.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!                                   


  1. I love my shirt thanks mom! i made a blog which i really hope you find funny, its Gmartinsmusings.blogspot.whatever u kno the rest.

  2. Wow that is some feat to create a tunic without a pattern in two hours Good job! You are one busy lady!!!