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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day late, Dollar Short

This post was supposed to go out yesterday, but I didn't get all the pictures added, so I saved it.

Sadly, the happy-go-lucky tone doesn't apply today...but I don't have anything happy to report today, so I'll just go ahead and post from yesterday. Try and pretend as you read it that it all applies...wan smile.

Wednesday! means 9-5:15 at school. The last thing of the day is a 2-5:15 Anatomy lab. It has been a long long, ok, really long time since I used a microscope. I printed the lab manual sheets the night before and then left them on the printer, so that was an inauspicious start. Another girl had printed an extra, which was very forward thinking of her, and she gave it to me. (Elizabeth) We all worked together for an hour or so on the lab stuff, going over the differences between x-rays, MRIs, CTs, etc...and differentiating between TEM, SEM, Light microscope pictures and lots more of that. Then the microscope work. A series of slides to identify, and specifically, which one was the epithelial tissue from the inner cheek. Ok, I will admit I was initially a total mess with my microscope. I really had trouble with the darn thing. So I was slow...one of the last to finish. But I noticed that most everyone out of a lab of about 24 people was picking slide B for the epithelial. I was convinced it was slide A. I have to stand on my own work, so I wrote slide A. Guess what? Yay! I was right. I may be slow, but I am thorough. Not to say others aren't, too, maybe just being older allows me to be less influenced by group dynamics.  Then we had an exit quiz, which we will have after every lab. I actually think that is a smart idea.

I wasn't really tired until I got home and Reid asked if I was tired. Suddenly, I was. But I really wanted to go back to Fry's and return the second incorrect RAM chip and get it off my credit card. Looking in my checkbook, I saw I had 96 dollars. But somehow, I felt like celebrating. So I hadn't yet made it through a whole first week of school...Friday will always be a football game for Reid and the Flash Of Crimson Marching Band, so no celebrating then. So I said, "Hey, Reid, feel like a nice steak or something?" (He did.)

Made Fry's return, got gas, and we decided on Bahama Breeze. No steaks, seafood. Reid got the jerk rubbed salmon with mashed potatoes and fried plantains. I got the almond crusted tilapia with haricot verts and cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes. It was all delicious. Here's half my dinner... I know food pics never look as good as real life. That's a plantain next to my fish. Looks like a tongue kinda, huh?

A few cell phone pictures, some really fun conversation, getting overly stuffed...it was good. A good Wednesday night. A splurge that left me with 32 dollars, but worth it. I'm careful and I know what is what and what is where financially, so, sometimes, you know...eat the good food and enjoy being together.

When we came out I took this picture of the sky.
Which reminded me of a favorite ELO song. One that means a
great deal to me. Happy Wednesday, everyone!
I know a couple of you will really appreciate the theme of the video, I sure did.

Keep smiling, and believing in yourself.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 ELO Mr Blue Sky
Uploaded by JimLad800. - Check out more gaming videos.

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